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Social Media Sundae: A Brand New Blog About…Social Media

6 Jan

Social Media Sundae = Yum

I started Social Media Sundae because I wanted a place to publish my ever-growing fount of social media knowledge. Why Sundae?  (What do you mean? Because it’s delicious.) I looked at a lot of possibilities, but this one appealed the most. It is targeted and memorable (alliterative even) and conveys the style of insights you will find here–fun and flavorful. 

At this time, I don’t really aim at having a “successful” blog in the sense of making it a monetized business.  I am a writer first and foremost.  We writers are notoriously known (unfortunately) for shelling out our talent for pennies…or for nothing…because we love to write.  Right now, I am blogging because I have something to say. It will also enable me to put into practice some what I know about blogging, optimizing content, promoting content via social channels, and related efforts, but that is not the primary focus.

The focus isn’t success. It’s sharing.

As a social media analyst, I spend 40 hours a week digging through social media conversation. I look at trends and themes, explore the cultures of various internet communities, and generally play in a large and ever-growing sandbox of What People Are Talking About.

Professionally, this knowledge is used to inform brands about conversation topics of interest to a business or campaign effort.  But there is a ton of information I discover in the process, or happily through my own explorations, that I don’t get to report to anybody.  And I want to.  Because the things that people talk about in internet communities, fan groups, social media networks and other channels are simply AMAZING.

I will also use this blog to write about where I see the social media industry going as well as what kinds of tools, tips, and tricks I find to be the most valuable in dissecting social media conversation.  My sense as an analyst is that a lot of people are interested but don’t really know where to begin or what to expect.  How do you convey to leadership that this is important or that you are doing a good job? What are the standards? What is the process? People who have my job on the brand side are often at a loss. I really enjoy answering questions and being helpful, so if you discover this blog and think “what the heck? maybe she can help!”  shoot me an email at socialmediasundae@gmail.com.