About Me

Social Media Analyst

My name is Amy Stewart.  I’m a writer and a social media analyst.  I am an aspiring novelist. I like words. I like graphs. I admire artists because I can’t draw.  In business, I like process, organization, and good ideas. I love all things honest, authentic, creative, and fun.

I don’t aspire to be a blogger. I started this blog because I felt like showing that I understand what I’m talking about when it comes to Content, Creative, and Conversation. Social Media Sundae is like an extended resume or portfolio…sorta.  It is a platform for me to write, to analyze, and just get excited about all things social media.

Here are some things I’m good at:


I am a writer.  I was a writer before I was an analyst (or at least before I was paid to analyze anything).  I am also an aspiring author, with novels in the works that I intend to publish.   I am a deep thinker.  I enjoy stories with meaning to them, especially “big” ideas like war and peace or the meaning of life and love, but I also like a story to be fun, action-packed, fast-paced and filled with real and relatable characters (a little romance on the side doesn’t hurt).  I also write for a living.  I am an analyst and a marketer. In my writing for work, I conduct research and write articles, reports, essays, biographies, press releases, instruction manuals, case studies, presentation decks, websites, and so on.

Enthusiasm For Social Media

I spend large portions of every day reading the internet.  I love the internet!  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn–those are the big ones, and I have accounts with each, but they aren’t the whole internet.  I’m also both a reader and a contributor to half a dozen forums, several mailing listscommunity boards, review sites, social networks, file sharing sites (e.g. Bittorent), wikis, Yahoo Answers, Quora, ChaCha, and the Blogosphere. I also have accounts with Reddit, Flickr, GroupBox, Meebo, and more. I am particularly enamored of forums.  There’s just something I love about community groups–especially fans; I love fandoms–congregating to share their interests.

Internet Conversation Research

I can research anything. And I discover–and get a thrill–from the things I find in social media conversation. I tend to go the extra mile and dig into all the details.  My posts are often too long, but they are also often unique. Want to know the volume and sentiment of the conversation around health insurance, private equity, or medicine recalls? How about cloud computing, operating systems, or the hottest mobile phones? Have a need to know what people are saying about breakfast cereal, nutrition and fitness, or fast food? These are just some of the topics for which I have delivered social media insights.  But what I’m really excited about researching is what people on the internet are excited to talk about.

Social Media Analysis

I use monitoring tools like Radian6, Visible Intelligence, and Sysomos as well as number of lighter weight tools to analyze conversation.  I might look at anywhere from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand posts. Or a million. Or more. To make sense of the data, I make use of graphs, charts, tables, and qualitative analysis to explain what people are talking about.

Search Engine Optimization

I am knowledgeable about Search Engine Optimization. I write killer title tags, meta descriptions, anchor text, alt text, in-bound navigation and optimized copy to boost the relevancy and authority of a website or webpage in search results (note: not optimally functioning on this blog as it’s a wordpress.com site and I’m limited in my ability to modify the code). I am proficient in HTML. And I can use Google Analytics to measure the effect. I am not, however, a web developer.

If I seem like someone worth following, welcome aboard! If you want to contact me for another reason–consulting, job offer, networking, a hot date?–you can reach me at socialmediasundae@gmail.com.

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